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Fresh Interns April 8, 2012

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This past week heralded the start of the new academic year in Japan with the orientation of the interns.  One of my goals was to instill in them all the basic information they need before they officially start next week.  Of the “necessary” skills, I tried to teach them how to make a good and thorough case presentation, especially the HPI.  I even made a game out of it by making strips of paper with all the different symptoms and signs and have the interns (who were divided into 3 different groups) place each of the strips under either the HPI, ROS, or PE sections depending on the given chief complaint.  I must say I was so happy and excited to see them huddling, discussing, and thinking.  Ah, I had a moment a la proud mommy-duck leading her lil’ ducklings.  🙂  Hopefully, my padawans will not be led astray by bad habits (yet)…  *crossing fingers*


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