Musings of a Gaijin MD

Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Attack of the Crows March 26, 2012

Filed under: Daily Life — GaijinMD @ 7:13 PM

On a recent trip to one of the city’s parks, I encountered a truly fearsome creature: the crow- believe it or not.  On initial arrival to the park, my friend got fascinated by the immense size of the crows in the park; they looked to have had excellent sources of nutrition to have grown to their 1 foot size with their prominent beaks.  This fascination in turn led to multiple camera shots.  Before long, the crow also reciprocated our fascination by starting to hop towards us.

At this time, I made the unfortunate decision to take out my bag of cookies from my purse because I was hungry.  It was this movement along with the wrinkling sound of the plastic wrap that further attracted yet another crow.  I, therefore, had 2 giant crows start to hop and fly menacingly towards me and trying to usurp my cookies.  By that time, I was already backing away with my friend’s yelling at me to throw them a cookie.  After 1 thrown cookie toward a crow, the other “neglected” crow continued to hunt me down until I threw another one (which he caught in mid air).

With the crows occupied by their new-found loot, I made a quick escape.  Needless to say, I didn’t bring out that bag of cookies again in the park.


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