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Yuki Matsuri February 12, 2012

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The annual one-week long yuki matsuri, or snow festival, of Sapporo wrapped up this past weekend, and I attended on the last day.  Both native Japanese and foreigners flocked to see the ice sculptures lined along Odori Park; many food venders also provided plenty of hot food and drinks in order to help spectators keep warm.

The Japanese military trucks hauled tons of snow from the mountains into the city center in order to create these massive sculptures.  While I had initially wanted to keep my expectations low in order not to be disappointed, I was happily impressed by the intricacy and magnitude of the sculptures.  A happy combination existed of traditional sculptures, such as castles and marine life, and cute cartoon characters; some were just about 5-6 feet tall while others were 2-3 stories high.

It’ll be nice to come again next year although my frozen fingers and face may not appreciate such prolonged frigid exposure.


One Response to “Yuki Matsuri”

  1. Frank Says:

    Fabulous! I wish I was there to see them.

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