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Snowmobiling February 10, 2012

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Since I am athletically challenged and do not know how to ski or snowboard but still want to participate in Hokkaido’s winter activities, I decided to try snowmobiling.  On arrival to the snowmobile company at the edge of town at the base of the mountains, I was greeted by numerous staff members just for lil’ ol’ me, which of course, made me feel a bit awkward.

Anyways, 2 options were available: 60 minutes or 90 minutes; I decided to go with the shorter version.  The company provided all the clothing, gloves, helmet, and boots.  Prior to our going up into the mountains, the guide and I practiced for a bit so that I could get used to operating the snowmobile.  I must say, it was a bit harder than it looked to accelerate smoothly.

Afterwards, we made our way up the mountain, slowly in my case, which did offer gorgeous views that I would not have otherwise seen if I were just walking.  Unfortunately, when we arrived on the top, we could not see the cityline given the weather conditions; still, the surrounding mountains’ scenery was worth it.

Overall, a very fun experience for all, even for the typical winter sports challenged!


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