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Maid Cafe February 6, 2012

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On a return visit to Tokyo’s Akihabara, or electric town, I not only just went inside a cosplay/maid cafe (like the last time), but I actually sat and ordered some food.  While not as shocking and overwhelmingly pink like the first time, the servers’ high-pitched, girly voices still became a bit grating after a little while.

The cafe served food ranging from appetizers to entrees to desserts.  Since I only wanted some ice cream, I ordered the ice cream package as it was not available a la carte.  The package included an ice cream parfait, drink, mini 1×2 inch photo with one of the “maid” servers, and a surprise “gift.”

While the package itself was ok with the exception of a cheesy gift (I got a lighter for which I won’t use), the entire cost of this “experience” just about broke the bank.  A sitting fee of 1000 Yen (~ $13 USD)/person was charged in addition to the ice cream package of 2000 Yen (~ $26 USD) for a grand total of 3000 Yen (~ $39 USD)/person for ice cream and tea.  I must say, it was and probably will be the most expensive ice cream I have ever eaten; I sometimes questioned if the ice cream contained gold.

All in all, a unique experience that will break the bank.


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