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Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Yokohama January 20, 2012

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As a day trip from Tokyo, Yokohama is very convenient to visit; indeed, many people living in Yokohama commute to work in Tokyo.  During my recent visit, I was able to visit Sankeien Garden, and I must sing its praises.  While a little out of the way in requiring a bus trip from the train station, it was very well worth it as I thought it larger and more beautiful than any other Japanese garden I have visited, even in Kyoto.

Another highlight of Yokohama was its Chinatown, the largest in Japan; I would even venture to say that it’s larger than many other Chinatowns around the world, including NYC, SF, LA, London, and Paris.  It was, however, very clean, as is typical of Japan.  I even tried some “pan-fried dumplings” that I thought was a fusion Chinese/Japanese dish; it was certainly unique (and expensive) albeit good.


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