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Taro Hakase December 19, 2011

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Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a concert by violinist Taro Hakase, who had toured with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli in the past.  I was happy to find that my friend was able to obtain quite good seats as I usually only end up with nosebleed seats.

My band-director cousin would be proud of me when I say that I didn’t even fall asleep (unlike my previous attendance of Joshua Bell, unfortunately).  His music at this concert was of a more contemporary bent with a wonderful display of lighting; indeed, I think it’s really sparked my interest in lighting and all it entails.  Bright colors always attract my attention.  😉

One of the differences in attending this concert was that at the end, one of the songs encouraged audience participation with bright pink feathery fans mixed with dancing.  It was quite a sight to see Taro Hakase and his entire band also dancing with these said fans to lead the audience.


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