Musings of a Gaijin MD

Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Pizza Heaven December 18, 2011

Filed under: Food — GaijinMD @ 12:34 AM

I just had the most amazing pizza outside of Italy today.  I’m not kidding; the first and last time I had such a wonderful pizza was when I was in Rome.  Today, I ordered the “Romana” pizza which consisted of cherry tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, and basil.  Besides the wonderful taste of it with the perfect amounts of toppings with cheese and tomato sauce, the crust was to die for.  It was a thin crust a la traditional Italian style that was cooked in a stone fire oven.  I can’t believe it took me half a year before discovering this restaurant.

As a bonus, the couple sitting next to my table (about half a foot away) spoke English so I even felt like I was part of a “group” where I understood the conversation around me.   😉


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