Musings of a Gaijin MD

Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Gobble Gobble November 25, 2011

Filed under: Daily Life — GaijinMD @ 11:35 AM

Welps, it had to start sometime: spending a major American holiday while overseas.  The Japanese actually do have a Labor Day/Thanksgiving holiday on the Wednesday right before the American Thanksgiving day, but it is in no way the equivalent in celebrations.  I managed to “trade” my Japanese holiday for my American one so that I could nicely not have to work on Thursday.  Regardless, and unsurprisingly, Japan doesn’t usually have any turkey, ham, stuffing, or apple pie (outside of McDonald’s) that I would have liked at this time of year; I settled for a bit of pumpkin cake, home-made braised Japanese pumpkin (yes, quite proud of myself for cooking), and chicken instead.

Things I’m thankful for: all my family and friends, their support throughout the years, having completed residency (what a relief), moving to Japan, a job I enjoy, opportunities to travel, J.K. Rowling, and Jane Austen.  While not surrounded physically by family and friends, I am also very thankful for Skype, Google, and Facetime–gotta love technology!  (Really gonna miss Black Friday this year though).



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