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Gobble Gobble November 25, 2011

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Welps, it had to start sometime: spending a major American holiday while overseas.  The Japanese actually do have a Labor Day/Thanksgiving holiday on the Wednesday right before the American Thanksgiving day, but it is in no way the equivalent in celebrations.  I managed to “trade” my Japanese holiday for my American one so that I could nicely not have to work on Thursday.  Regardless, and unsurprisingly, Japan doesn’t usually have any turkey, ham, stuffing, or apple pie (outside of McDonald’s) that I would have liked at this time of year; I settled for a bit of pumpkin cake, home-made braised Japanese pumpkin (yes, quite proud of myself for cooking), and chicken instead.

Things I’m thankful for: all my family and friends, their support throughout the years, having completed residency (what a relief), moving to Japan, a job I enjoy, opportunities to travel, J.K. Rowling, and Jane Austen.  While not surrounded physically by family and friends, I am also very thankful for Skype, Google, and Facetime–gotta love technology!  (Really gonna miss Black Friday this year though).



Musings: Trip to the States November 10, 2011

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Never fear; I haven’t disappeared.  I recently just went back to the States for a friend’s wedding.  While different in scenery to Japan, autumn in the Texas Hill Country, especially lakeside, sure did make for a good competition.  It was a gorgeous wedding.  Many congrats to my friend!


Other food for thought: While Japan certainly is a gastronomy haven, it does lack certain foods so I made sure I got my fill of good ol’ Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, and Vietnamese food (yes, there is quite a large Vietnamese population in TX).  I wouldn’t be surprised if my pants became tighter.

On reflection, while I have not been homesick at all these past 3 months in Japan, when I was boarding my plane from TX back to Japan this time, it hit me all of a sudden; I’m leaving home again (and yes, no matter how far and wide I go, I will always consider myself a Texan).  Oh well, after landing safely back in Japan and starting work again, the feelings ebbed away.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the groove of things here in Japan and plan more explorations to help prevent the dreariness of the lack of sunlight for the upcoming winter.  I’m hoping to get in some dog-sledding and seeing drift ice!