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Affordable Japan October 17, 2011

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清瀬 Kiyose-3: The Daiso (100 Yen Shop)

Image by abuckingham via Flickr

Japan is consistently ranked as having the most expensive cities in the world, and “affordable Japan” may seem like an oxymoron.  With the strong Japanese Yen currency, it can be quite costly.  One of the strategies to save money is to live like a Japanese instead of living like an American in Japan.

Another way is to shop at the 100 Yen (~$1.00) stores; the different companies include the 100 Yen Store, Daiso, and Seria.  These stores are as different from the American dollar stores as can be.  The variety and quality of the products are amazing (for the price)!  They carry everything from food, home improvement, arts & crafts, cleaning supplies, beauty supplies, pet supplies, office supplies, etc.  Whereas in America, the quality of the products can be questionable, the ones in Japan sometimes make one wonder how they “can” only sell for 100 Yen.

While many of the products are made in China, you can be lucky and find some made in Japan.  Even if the products are made in China though, quality control does a great job in making sure all the products are not shoddy/flimsy.

These stores are great fun, and you can easily browse for quite some time.  Don’t miss out!


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