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Lavender October 10, 2011

Filed under: Sightseeing — GaijinMD @ 10:10 AM

Given the long 3-day weekend from Japan’s Health and Sports Day (I love these monthly holidays), I decided to make a trip to see the remains of the lavender farms and autumn’s leaves.  It was the last weekend available that the train had a direct route to that city, and the weather was great.  Off to the countryside I go!

On arrival, I joined a bus tour that took us to various places, including a winery (that I did not see wines being sold, oddly enough) and a lake that was nestled beautifully between mountains.  Of course, because it was a pre-planned tour, they also took us to the requisite shopping places hoping that we would spend some money.  I did get to try some lavender ice cream, which was much better than the lavender tea I had in the past.  Sugar and milk do wonders for the taste buds.

While I only saw 1 field of flowers, it was still an overall great trip to see the golds and oranges of the trees’ covering the mountains.  Next time, though, I will try visiting during the height of the flower season.


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