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Walmart on Steroids October 4, 2011

Filed under: Shopping — GaijinMD @ 10:49 PM
Don_Quijote_Akihabara_Shop Tokyo Japan

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever imagined what Walmart would be like if it were on steroids?  Well, Japan has answered that question with Don Quijote, or Don Ki.  While this store may not occupy as much square footage as Walmart, it carries a wide array of stuff, ranging from food (no produce or meat though), Halloween (and “other”) costumes, picnic supplies, souvenirs, designer purses, cleaning supplies, CD/DVD’s, electronics, etc.

All of the consumer goods are jam-packed into at least a 5-story building.  Being in the same vein as other Japanese marketing strategies, the place immediately overwhelms the shopper with bright, flashing lights and lots of noise.

It’s definitely a unique place that can be fun to roam and discover the various array of Japanese products.  Don’t miss it while you’re here!


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