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One Is the Loneliest Number September 29, 2011

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one is the loneliest number

Image by horizontal.integration via Flickr

Well, I have finally achieved the feat; I managed to plan for a teaching session with absolutely no one showing up.  About once or twice a week in the late afternoon, there is a scheduled teaching session for the residents.  The topics of these sessions range anywhere from the most recent morning report topic to general, mundane topics (i.e. hypertension) to games, such as Jeopardy.

I have been told by my predecessors and my boss that, unfortunately, the attendance history of these sessions in the past 10 years has always been low.  In the last several months, the rotating medical students and a couple of residents came, but there was always at least 1 person.

This past week was when I had absolutely no one come.  Even though I have been prepared for this situation to happen, it is still a bit disheartening.  The residents may say that they are very busy at that time, but as medical residents, when are they ever not busy?  I am a firm believer that if you really want to do something, you will make the time and effort to do it; being “busy” is an excuse.

Anyways, chin up, me.  I will just continue telling myself that it is ok; on the upside, I can just use the same topic presentation the next time instead of coming up with something new.  😉


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