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Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Mid-Autumn September 29, 2011

Filed under: Sightseeing — GaijinMD @ 10:59 PM

In honor of the Mid-Autumn holiday and the gorgeous weather last week, I visited a park within the city.  This particular park was set at the base of a mountain with a mini-forest.  While there, I discovered it also housed a shrine >100 years old.

Can we just say kawaii (cute)?!?!

Given the holiday, I got to see many families enjoy themselves.  Some of the children were also dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, i.e. kimonos; they were so cute!  Inside, some families also had their official family portraits taken with the shrine backdrop.


Portrait Taking

I was even lucky enough also to witness a Japanese wedding at the shrine with the bride and groom dressed in traditional clothing.  It was very striking to me how the bride’s clothing is white whereas in other Asian cultures, i.e. Chinese, the bridal clothing is typically in a very bright color such as red.

After getting lost for a bit in the park, I finally found my way out and proceeded to finish my day off with some retail therapy.  🙂  Great day!


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