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Ice Cream + Liquor September 25, 2011

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In line with my recent dessert posting, I also experienced another form of dessert several weeks ago.  I’ve had ice cream before and liquor before but never together.  At this particular eclectic sweets restaurant, everyone’s order comes with a cup of soft vanilla ice cream.  Each order then includes 2 flavors of liquor and optional crepe, yogurt, and ground coffee beans.

Since I was in a party of 3, we could pick a total of 6 liquor flavors, some of which included mango, blueberry, and tea.  One of the servers proceeded to teach us how to eat it.  You take one spoonful of ice cream, rest your spoon on the top of your cup (special ridge for placement of the spoon on the cup), pour several drops of liquor on your spoon, and then eat.  You can put as much (or little) liquor on the ice cream as you want.  Since I had to drive later, I only tried a minimal amount of each type of liquor so that I could sample them before I gobbled up the crepe, yogurt, and coffee toppings.

After the ice cream, we each got a cookie shaped in different animals: koala, frog, and dog + bone (which was mine).  I can’t believe that someone actually created these miniature cookies in such great detail.

I can’t wait to go to this restaurant again when I don’t have to drive so I can sample the liquor more generously.


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