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Things I Appreciate September 21, 2011

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Glass of Water

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I was recently in China, and even after just 1 week, I surprisingly already missed my new Japanese home and couldn’t wait to get back.  Some things I greatly appreciate in Japan:

  • While awaiting for the next subway/train, commuters nicely line up in 2 lines at each door.
  • Said commuters allow the departing passengers of the subway/train to get off before the new commuters get onto the subway/train.
  • People stand on one side of the escalators so that others who want to walk up/down the escalators can do so on the other side.
  • Workers at the train station greet everyone with a “Good morning” at the beginning of the day when you swipe your ticket at the machine.
  • There is no such thing as bad customer service in Japan.
  • You do not tip.
  • You can drink the tap water in Japan.
  • The tap water doesn’t smell funny.
  • People are generally very neat and tidy.
The above are just some of the things I can remember at this time.  More to follow when my brain is more awake…

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