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Sculpture Park September 19, 2011

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Red Cube, by Isamu Noguchi

Red Cube, by Isamu Noguchi, at HSBC building in NYC

Given my day off work today because of Japan’s national Elders’ Day (yes, I realize I’m not geriatric—yet) and the fact that it wasn’t raining, I finally made my way out to one of the sculpture parks by the world-renowned (or so I’m told) artist, Isamu Noguchi.  Although the park is still within city limits, it did require a mini-trek to get there from switching from the subway and then waiting for the hourly bus.

After finally arriving, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could rent a bicycle, which I did for a small fee.  (As an aside, I was quite proud of myself for writing my name in Japanese katakana for the first time on the bicycle rental form, and the lady could actually read it  🙂  Apparently, I unknowingly arrived at a good time as the water fountain was currently “dancing” when I arrived.

My overall impression of the park was that it was unlike any other park I’d ever been to.  I’m not an art connoisseur, but I really enjoyed my time there.  It managed to mix in very modern art sculptures and designs with nature without one overpowering the other.  The modernity was “approachable” where many people played, relaxed, bicycled, and walked their dogs.  In fact, the playground, while very “cool” and modern-looking, was welcoming both to children and adults alike.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the park for 2 hours, and subsequently had another yummy dinner afterwards (to replenish the calories I had expended while riding the bike and climbing mountains  😉  Anywho, I hope I’ll be able to walk tomorrow; I can already feel my leg muscles’ starting to get sore…


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