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Life in Japan as a Foreign Doctor

Welcome Meeting September 17, 2011

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I officially started working about one week after I arrived in Japan.  On the morning of the first day, my first task was to conduct a “lecture” about myself in order to introduce moi to all of the residents and faculty.  Needless to say, my first reaction when I was first told about this Welcoming Meeting was, “What?  How can I talk about myself for 1 HOUR?  I’m really not that interesting…”

After consulting with my predecessor about what she had talked about the previous year, I was able to scrounge up a presentation about myself, mainly putting in many pictures to distract the audience.  😉  One of my goals was also to disabuse everyone’s notion that not all Texans wear cowboy boots and hats and speak with a drawl, not that there’s a problem with that.  🙂  Anyways, it turned out well, and I hope the audience was amused.

Generally speaking from what I gathered at that time, all of the Japanese residents and faculty were very nice and polite, if somewhat shy, but also very interested and curious about their new teacher.  Off to a great start!


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